Get Counting

Manage your vending machines
from anywhere
at any time
with any device.

"The best decision ever made.
This app has become an integral part of my business. Plus my service team loves using it."

- Ed Hemphill, Bean Around Town

Keep Track of Every Machine

BeanCounter helps you manage your entire vending machine business. Every machine has its own record, with serial numbers, location details, service history, default stock amounts, and last meter levels.

No More Paper, No More Bad Handwriting

BeanCounter's mobile interface means meter counts and stock levels are entered on site and on time, with results instantly available at head office. BeanCounter tells the servicers what to check, how much to restock, and even provides a customizable "don't forget!" checklist for each visit.

Get On Top Of Everything

Schedule visits ahead of time - with automatic follow-ups. Find out about problems immediately. Quickly count cash and cross-reference with the expected amounts. Get a snapshot of all stock currently in the field. Build reports on yesterday's visits or all of last year's sales.

Built From And For The Real World

BeanCounter was built in close cooperation with established vending companies, so we know how this business really works. The software has been making dozens of customers happy since 2012, managing over 700 machines and having processed over 41,700 visits (so far).

Find out how BeanCounter can make your vending business run more smoothly. Get in touch with us or even sign up for a free trial.

"I have been using the app for almost 2 years now and there has been a dramatic drop in paper work. It is also incredibly easy to use.
I can’t imagine how I did it before the app."

- Darren Summers, Bluenose Vending